Feb 13, 2017

Happy Valentines Day Messages, Love SMS, Greetings Messages 2017

Happy Valentines Day Messages, Love SMS, Greetings Messages 2017.  Worldwide, Happy Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers or life partner. Traditionally, everyone goes all out to let their special someone knows how much they are appreciated on this day and every day.

You plan to do for Valentine’s Day 2017, you will be faced with finding the right words to express your feelings by Happy Valentines Day Messages. Whether it’s for a special someone who has been by your side for many years, a new sweetie who has brought joy to your world or someone you hope to charm soon enough, I have created the messages that will surely get their attention with or without a gift.

Let these Happy Valentines Day Messages, Love SMS & Greetings Messages inspire you to plan a special day for your special someone.

Happy Valentines Day Messages 2017

valentines day messages 2017

Sometimes we make love with your eyes.
Sometimes we make love with our hands.
Sometimes we make love with our bodies.
Always we make love with our hearts.
Happy Valentines Day!!

This is my heart. I LOVE it.
But I LOVE YOU too.
So I'll give it to you.
Happy Valentine's Day…

It makes me proud
To be your girlfriend
And be with the person
I truly love and admire.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are like the blessing from heaven
So sweet and so pure
You are the breathe I take, the music I hear
For, you are not just my boyfriend
You are My Life!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Is love a magic
I often thought
I met the magician
Who said its not
But enchanted me for life
And made a spell on me
That I am still into the magic of love
The magic by you!
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Messages For Boyfriend

My life was an empty canvass
You filled it with colors
Some from the rainbow
And some from the butterflies
Making it a canvass so precious
So wanted, so blessed and so live
Thank you dear boyfriend
Happy Valentine’s Day!

For many years,
I experienced dreamless and dull nights.
But the moment you came into my life, everything seemed just perfect
and you changed the color of my dreamless nights

To my white knight on Valentine’s Day,
I never knew that someone like you even existed
but thank you for taking my heart and filling it full of love.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines DayMessages For Girlfriend

valentines day sari Dress Sarees

Do you know which is the most beautiful place in this entire world? Its the warmth of your arms that helps me find solace.

Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’
Mature love says ‘I need you because I love you.’
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing,
I would use my last breath to say ‘i love you.’! i love you baby forever and always.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

I’m happy to be your Valentine,
but not as happy as I am to have you as my Girlfriend every day.

Funny Valentine Messages 2017

Happy valentines day bitches! Dont be trashy today!
 Today many will make the mistake of messing wuth their exs.
Fuck your exs, but don’t literally fuck your exs. You’re better than that.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

“Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peel-ing.”
Whatever our souls are made of,
His and mine are the same.

You are the *coca* to my *cola*
You are the *race* to my *car*
You are the *macaroni* to my *cheese*
You are the *Wal* to my *Mart*
but most of all....
You are the *keys* to my *heart*

Valentine's Day Love SMS 2017

Love protects us. May we always be feeling like this, now and forever?

As busy as we get, we need to be reminded that we are still sweethearts. Valentine’s Day is a good day for me to stop and realize how wonderful you make me feel. Happy Valentine’s Day.

When I think about you, I am at my happiest and Valentine’s Day is just a reminder of the steps it took to find this love and as a reminder of what the future beholds.

Please, don’t be too friendly to me…
Don’t be too sweet…
You are just making me fall.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Love is not as simple as candle & Roses
Love is day-to-day living; talking time,
making time to be there, with open arms, & giving Heart…
By thoughts…
You are close to me.!
By hearts..You are in me.!!
Happy Valentines Day.!!

God gave u 2 legs to walk,
2 hands to hold,
2 ears to hear,
2 eyes to see.
But why did he give you only one Heart?
Because he gave the other one to someone for u to find.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

When nights are long, and friends are few,
I sit by my window and think of u,
A silent whisper, a silent tear, with all my HEART,
I WISH U were here.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Tere dil me rahenge SMS bankar,
dhadkano me bajenge ringtone bankar,
Kabhi apne dil se juda mat samajhna,
Hum tere saath chalenge Network Bankar.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentine Messages For Husband

Valentine's Day Love Messages

I never knew how it feels to laugh stupidly at someone before I met you.
Love you dear husband. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

You've always been there for me when I have needed you the most.
You're a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand,
you have filled my life with a sense of warmth and bliss.
Happy Valentines Day to my special man.

If there's one thing you and I agree on it's that you are indeed the most handsome, caring and romantic man that ever lived! Happy Valentine's Day to the man of my life!

I'm not asking for diamonds or roses this Valentine's Day.
I have your love and it is all that I need.
You're an amazing man and I love you dearly
Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Messages For Husband Wife

Don’t forget our date tonight.
Just because you’re my wife, don’t think I’m not still just a little bit nervous.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

If I had to choose whether to breathe or to love you,
I would use my last breath to tell you that… I love you.
Happy Valentines Day!!!😀

 Happy Valentines Day Greetings and Wishes Messages 2017

Every day we share together, we're creating our very own fairytale. Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet prince! I look forward to our happily ever after.

If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.

I want you to know I adore you and think you’re as awesome as the stars and planets. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You are really driving me crazy… Happy Valentine’s Day!!

My greatest fear in life is that one day we will pass each other on some street like two strangers. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

If I had to choose between loving you and breathing,
I would use my last breath to say ‘i love you.’! i love  you baby forever and always.

The poor wish to be rich,
The rich wish to be happy,
The single wish to be married,
And the married wish to be dead.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

I wish God gives me birth hundred times only to be your lover forever.
I wish to die before you,
so that I can write your name on each star.
Let the world see you mean the world to me.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

I would have been incomplete without your love; it’s you who makes me whole.

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Happy Valentines Day 2017 Bangla Love SMS Girlfriend Boyfriend

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Bangla Love Sms for girlfriend and boyfriend. Are you looking for Bangla Love SMS Happy Valentines Day 2017? Then you are right place for bangla romantic premer message.
Valentine Day (ভালোবাসা দিবস বা সেন্ট ভ্যালেন্টাইন' ডে) is celebrated on the month February 14. On this day all romantic lovers exchange cards, gifts, chocolate, rose and Valentine bangle love SMS with each others.

Valentines Day Bangla Love SMS 2017

You will get bangla love sms 2017, bangla love sms for girlfriend, bangla romantic premer SMS, valobashar sms kobita bangla, bangla love sms bangla premer sms, Happy Valentines Day image, valentines day bangla message and Valentine's Romantic Couple Images from our website. If you send Happy Valentines Day Bangla Love message your partner, he/She will more happy than others day. If you don’t know how to celebrate this Valentines Day then get some perfect Valentines Day Ideas 2017 from ours.

Bangla Valobasha Dibosh SMS

Collect popular Valentine Day bangle love sms for your beloved.

valentines day bangla Love sms
Happy Valentines Day Bangla Love SMS

Valo Lage Tor Chokhe Chokh Rakte.
Valo Lage Tor Sathe Onekta Poth Haat Te.
Valo Lage Tor Sathe Sopner Jaal Bunte.
R Ai Mon Chai Sarata Jibon Toke Ujar Kore Valobaste.

Oi Akasher Chader Moto tomay Valobasi, Moner Kosto Muhce Jai Dekhle 2mar Hasi,
tomar Moner Moddho Khane Rekhe Dio Amai, Jibone Morone Thakbo Pashe,Vulbona tomay!

Ontrero majhe tumi ontor hoyeacho, Jnina kokhon amr jibon hoye gcho.
A jogote sobar cheye amar tumi priyo, Chirodine thakbo tomar bondhu jene nio
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sukh Pakhita Aj Melece Dana, Kosto Niye TaiR Vabina,
Buk Vora Aj Sudhui Shopno, Nijeke Jeno Aj Mone Hoy Donno, Se Sudhu tomari Valobasar Jonno.

Boro Icce Hoy, tomake Sate Niye ekdin Purnimar Chad Dekbo. Sedin Chad K Bolbo. “Chad! Dekho, Amar Moner Manush Ti  tomar Cheye Koto Sundor”

Ghor sajao bou diye
mon sajao anondo diye
chukh sajao kajol diye
haat sajao mehedi diye
R amar moto bondhu sajao VALOBASA diye.
Jonaki holo rater bati, sopno holo ghumer shati.
mon holo ekti mayabi pakhi, r bondu naki shuk dukker shati.

Tumi Sondhu Akasher Sukh Tara. Rater Akashe Jhosna Hoye Deo Amay Pahara.
Tumi Vhorer Srinkdho Matal Haoya Jar Isporshe Ami Hoye Jay DiseHara.
Babu Tomay Valobashi, Jotodur Amar Pokkho Theke Jay,
Tomar oi Bondho chokh gulo khulte cacche, dekhte ki amay?
Valobasha Holo Rong Donur sat Ronger Moto
Rong Donu Jemon sat Rong Chara Joy Na
Temni Shotto Mittha Abeg Onuvhuti Bisbash Kosto Kanna Asob Chara Valobasha Hoy Na..!

I love you bangla
I Love You SMS
Amar Sada Kalo Prithibite Kokhono Ki Tumi Asbe.
Ak Mutho Rong Niya Ronggin Kore Sajate.
Amar Nirob Chokhe Je Kobita Lekhasi Tomay Niya.
Kokhono Ki Onuvhobe Porbe. Ami Tomay Vhabi Amr Soto Abagi Kolponate.

Tumi Sondhu Akasher Sukh Tara.
Rater Akashe Jhosna Hoye Deo Amay Pahara.
Tumi Vhorer Srinkdho Matal Haoya Jar Isporshe Ami Hoye Jay DiseHara.

Tumi Prothom Sokal Ekaki Bekal Bela.
Govir Rate Sopne Ase Koro Pramer Khela.
Tumi Amar Valobashar Misti Sitol Haoya.
Tumi Amay Aktu Khani Suye Dile Onek Khani Paoya.

Kobitar Upomay Kujini tomay, Kujini Ganer Sure,
Jani tumi Aco Sudu Amr Ei Ridoy Jure. Hajaro Prosner 1 Tai Answer,
R Karo Noy, tumi Sudhu Amar!!!

Brishti Pore Akash Jure. mon Je Kade tomar Tore.
bondhu tumi Onek Dure. tomar Lagi Poran Je Pure.
Esho tumi Amar Tore. Basbo Valo Jibon Vore.

Diner Shuchonay Chay Tomay. Rater Jhochonay Chai Tomay.
Boro Beshi Valobashi Ami Tomay.  Ak Mutho Prem Jodi Deo.
Ak Prithibi Sukh Dibo. Ai Tomake Apon Kore Nibo.

Meghla Moner Nil Sagore Uthal Pathal Dhew. Hridoy Nire Dissce Dola Valobashe Keo.
Aral Thake Dake Amay Kase Ase Na. Sopner Majhe Khuji Tare Dhora Dey Na

Jotoi Dekhi Valo Lage, Chokh Shore Na. Tumar Theke Dore Gale, Mon Mane Na.
Ato Bhalobashi Tumay, Tumi Bujho na.

Bangla Romantic Premer SMS

Bangla Valobasha dibosh
Bangla Valobasha Dibosh
Pakhi bole... 'Dhorona amai "
Gach bole... 'Ketona amai.. "
Ful bole…  'chirona amai.. "
Mon bole... 'vengona ami..
R Ami boli… “vule jeo na amay”

Adhar Ghorer Bati Tumi Chader O Hashi. Amr Thake Tomay Ami Onk Valobashi.
Jhosna Rater Tara Tumi Moner Akasher Chad. Tumi Amay Valobesho Diba Nishi Raat.

Jibon Here Jay Mitthur Kache"
Shuk Here Jay Dukkher Kache"
Valobasha Here Jay Ovinoyer Kache"
But Bondhuttho Here Jay Na Karo Kache!!!

Shanto Nodir dewer maje, Monta shudu Tomay khuje.
Boshe achi tai nodir tire, Koto je Shopno Tomay ghire.
Tumi shudui amar hobe, Sob somoy Pase robe.

Ami Chad Caina, Se Utbe Rate.
Ami Rat Caina, Se Harabe Provate.
Ami Ful Caina, Se Jorbe Diner Sese.
Cai ekta Sundhor Mon,J kokhono Vulbe Na Aamk.

Tomar ek Chokhe Roder Akas, Onno Chokhe Caya,
Tomar Jonnu Buker Vitor Barce Sudhu Maya,
Ridoy Jure Tomar Jonnu Sopno Rasi Rasi,
Amar Ceye tomay Ami Besi Valobasi.
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Prosno Jetai Hok, Uttor tumi?
Rasta Jetai Hok, Lokko tumi?
Kosto Jotoi Hok, Suk tumi?
Tomar sathai Jotoi Rag Kori Na Kno? Tobo O Amr Priyo valobasa TUMI.

Bangla Love Sms Girlfriend

Vorer alo surjer hasi, Jan ke ami valobashi.
Nodir deo pakir gan. jan amar janer jan.
Nil akasher sopne gera.jan hobe sobar sera

Khuje deko moner maje, aci ami sopno seje.
tomar oi choker tarai, hajar o sopno ase darai.
shuker sei sopner maje.pabe tomi amai khuje.

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Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari In Hindi | Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS

[updated] Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari In Hindi | Valentine’s Day Wishes SMS. We can celebrate our love season anytime. We can do love any moment, and actually, we do it. Love is the reaction we have done sudden every time. Like we do anger, fight, and many other things, same as we do love and sweetness with the person we love most. The occasion of Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb everywhere and in some countries it is celebrated on 6th July as well. Well in India it is celebrated on 14th and huge craze of this festival we can see in people of India. 

Actually, this festival is not only for a day, this is the combination of some loveable days which start with Rose Day and ends on the romantic day which is called as Valentine’s Day as everyone knows. Well according to me, India has the people which are so romantic and loveable. So in our this post we are gonna discuss about those super romantic people of India which are called as ‘Shayar’ aka ‘Poets’. Shayari is the best ways to show your romance to a person you like the most.

Valentines Day 2017 Shayari in Hindi | V-Day Wishes SMS:

Valentines Day Shayari
Happy Valentines Day
As we all are aware about the most romantic day of the world as well as year that is, Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance for some, a day of chocolate and cards for others, but for many, it is a day of bitter desperation and longing.

मेरी दीवानगी की कोई हद नही
तेरी सूरत के सिवा कुछ याद नही
में हुँ फूल तेरे गुलशन का
तेरे सिवा मुझ पे किसी का हक़ नही

Hasratein hain bahut magar
Tumse main kya kahoon
Leke bahon me main tumhe
Pyaar humesha karta rahoon

Khwahishe hain bahut magar
Tumse main ab kya kahoon

Hadh se aage guzar ke bhi
Ab tumse ishq karta rahoon

प्यार वो एहसास है जो मिटता नहीं
प्यार वो पर्वत है जो झुकता नहीं
प्यार की कीमत क्या है हमसे पूछो,
प्यार वो अनमोल हिरा है जो बिकता नही

Jab samne hote ho tum ..
Na jane kyo hosh kho baith the hai hum..
Milti hai nazar jab jab tumse..
Sab kuch bhul jate hai hum..
Hoti hai tu itne kareeb..
Phir bhi dil ki baat kehne se ruk jate hum.

आपके आने से ज़िन्दगी कितनी खूबसूरत है
दिल में बसी है जो वो आपकी ही सूरत है
दूर जाना नही हमसे कभी भूलकर भी
हमे हर कदम पर आपकी ज़रूरत है

Tumhare Saath Rehte-Rehte,
Tumhari Chahat Si Ho Gayi Hai..
Tumse Baat Karte Karte
Tumhari Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hai
Ek Pal Naa Mile Toh Bechani Si Lagti Hai
Dosti Nibhaate-Nibhaate,
Tumse Mohabbat Si Ho Gayi Hai…!!

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari SMS Messages in Hindi:

happy valentines day image love you

In modern generation, people update their statuses, photos, wallpapers, and much more just for expressing their curiosity for this romantic moment. Girlfriends or boyfriends are totally confused about hour to greet their loving partner on this romantic season. It is a festival of gifting each other.

Apke aane se zindagi kitni Khubsurat hai,

Dil me basi hai jo wo apki hi Surat hai,

Door jaana nahi humse kabhi bhulkar bhi,

Hume har kadam per aapki Zarurat hai.

Koi anjaan bhi apna sa lagta hai, bhula na payenge, aisa koi sapna sa lagtha hai, yaadein toh bahut hai is dil mein, magar pyaar wahi hai, jo kisi ki aankh se yaad baha sakta hai. Happy Valentines Day 2016

Kabhi hasata hai pyaar,
Kabhi rulata hai pyaar,
Har pal ki yaad dilata hai yeh pyaar,

Chaho ya na chaho,

Par aapke hone ka ehsaas dilata hai yeh pyaar…

Itne Din Mai Saas To Le Raha Tha, Itne Din Mera Dil Dhadak Ta Tha, Tum Mere Jindagi Me Aane Ke Baad, Tumne Jine Ka Matlab Sikhaya Tha  

Ashiq ne pucha khuda se
Tune dunia ko Pyaar ka dushman kyu bana diya..
Khuda hansa aur bola
Ashiqo ne kaun sa mere sath achcha kiya hai…
Unhone to Yaar ko hi khuda bana diya…

Raat ko raat ka tohfa nahi dete, Dil ko jazbaat ka tohfa nahi dete, hum tu tumhe chand bhi de dete magar Chand ko Chand ka tohfa nahi dete

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari SMS in Hindi:

Happy Valentine Day

Valentine day medical students image

Valentine day wish image

Therefore, there must be something there to satisfy these people. We too know the importance of our lovers in our real life. This day must be celebrated in a special way in order to make it unforgettable one. There must be amazing ways to impress our boyfriends/girlfriends.

Kaanto ke badle phool kya doge
Aansoon ke badle khushi kya doge
Hum chahate aap se umar bhar ka saath

Hamare iss sawal ka jawab kya doge…

Aankhon ki berukhi acchi nahi hoti,Yaaron se doori achhi nahi hotiKabhi kabhi mila kariye hamse,har waqt SMS se baat puri nahi hoti. Happy Valentines Day 2017

Jab samne hote ho tum ..
Na jane kyo hosh kho baith the hai hum..
Milti hai nazar jab jab tumse..

Sab kuch bhul jate hai hum..

Hoti hai tu itne kareeb..

Phir bhi dil ki baat kehne se ruk jate hum…

Jab tanhai me aapki yaad aati hai, Hontho pe ek hi fariyad aati hai Khuda aapko har khushi de, Kyonki aaj bhi hamari har khushi aapke baad aati hai..  
Gul ko gulshan mubarak,Chaand ko chandani mubarak,Shayar ko shayri mubarak,Aur hamari taraf se aap ko Valentine’s day mubarak.Happy Valentines Day 2017

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari Quotes in Hindi:

Valentine day heart wallpaper
Valentine Day Heart Wallpaper

Millions of people all around the world are searching gifts and much more stuff for their soul mates. Different couples are curious in celebrating this wonderful moment. Lovers are totally enthusiastic about this loving beautiful day. It is a day of loving as well as sharing things between the love birds.
कायदा तो यही बनता है क़ि 15 अगस्त को अपने DP मे
तिरंगा लगाने वाले
वेलेंटाईनडे को अपनी Girlfriend
का फोटो लगाये.

दोस्त आये थे कब्र पे
दीया जलाने के लिए

दोस्त आये थे कब्र पे
दीया जलाने के लिए

रखा हुआ फूल भी ले गए कमीने
वैलेंटाइन डे मनाने के लिए

वैलेंटाइन डे आ रहा हैं 13 फ़रवरी तक अगर कोई मिल गई तो ठीक हैं, नहीं तो 14 फ़रवरी की सुबह बजरंग दल का कर्मठ और जुझारू कार्यकर्ता बन जाऊंगा l

महिलाओं के लिए विशेष सूचना: कृपया 15 फरवरी तक अपने पतियों पर विशेष नजर रखें, क्योंकि… . . . . . . . . .  ‘नजर हटी तो सौतन सटी’ ~ जनहित में जारी।

वेलेनटाइन डे की तैयारी मे
फूलो को पानी पिला रहे हैँ…
उधर बजरंग दल वाले लट्ठो को तेल पिला रहे..!!

बजरंग दल वाले आज ही ‘सेंट्रल पार्क” में एक प्रेमी जोड़े को पीट रहे थे,
किसी ने कहा आज वेलेंटाइन नहीं है।।
वो बोले “अब नैट प्रैक्टिस भी छोड़ दें क्या..???”

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Shayari Wishes in Hindi:

Valentine Day wood image

1. Ask Him/Her what He/She wants.
2. Buy Online.
3. Enter His/Her address.

4. Select ‘Cash On Delivery’.

5. Enjoy

Is Bar Upar Wale ne Sabki Suni Hai
Couples k Liye Valentine’s Day
Aur Singles k liye India VS Pak Match

वन विभाग की तरफ से Best message- Valentine Day पर।

पेड़ों से भी उतना ही प्यार करो,

जितना पेड़ों के नीचे करते हो!!

Minimum love is friendship
but maximum friendship is Love.
Believe it or not.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Wo Ishq ki Rahoon mein Kamaal karti Hain
Likhti Hain “Happy Valentine’s Day Love
Aur Send to all karti hain

As here above given shayari, you can send to your dear one on this occasion of Valentine’s day the season on love. Share your feelings with your soul mate in the most romantic and stylish way. You can simply copy this Shayari and send it to your love mate and friends also. Also, share your precious comment in below the comment section and do not forget to share rating under the post. You can send it on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media and also use it as a caption or a status on Fb and Instagram. Stay in touch for more and latest stuff. Wish you a Happy and Cute Valentines Day.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 GIF Images Photos Pictures | FB & WhatsApp DP

Happy Valentines Day 2017 GIF Images Photos Pictures | FB & WhatsApp DP.  Happy Valentines Day 2017: Valentine is the season of love. We celebrate the valentine’s week every year with a great bump and full of romance. The romance is very important between a couple and there are some people and we can say there is some these kinda relationship which is not connected with each other due to their workload and problems.

Updated on February 2017: And Actually, the valentine’s day are the most important day for those people who can’t give the time to their relationships due to some reasons. So celebrate the day with full of love and happiness with your lovelies. Share your heart feeling with your special person. Do some romantic and needful promises with them, make a romantic plan and feel her very special in your life.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 GIF Images FB and Whatsapp Free Download:

Valentines GIF Images

So that your old problems will vanish. Exchange some beautiful wishes and gifts with each other, do some very needful promises which will increase your love and feel each other very special in your life. Here in our this topic, we have such a great and unique gifs for valentine’s day. You can send these wishes and romantic pictures with your loved one on their mobile phones social apps.

Best Happy Valentines Day 2017 GIF Images, HD Wallpapers for Whatsapp:

Valentine day HD Wallpapers for Whatsapp

On this romantic occasion we must greet our girlfriends/ boyfriends in a special way just like they are special for us. We all know how much of soul mates mean in our life. A day without them seems like an year without rain. They are very important in our life. Even the single girls and boys used to celebrate this festival by greeting their friends or besties and expressing their love for each other. Therefore there must be a destination where people can avail proper satisfaction of greeting people and here is the solution of your problems.

Happy Valentines Day 2017 GIF Images, HD Wallpapers for Facebook Free Download:

Here you will find various types of quotes and sayings for your loved ones. Quotations and Sayings are just posted according to your preferences. Quotes and Sayings matters alot in such situations. A single greeting could be the source of smile on the faces of your soul mates. The quotes and sayings which have been posted here are literally special and will definitely create a hype in the minds and as well as in the souls of your sweethearts.

These quotes and sayings are interesting for dedicating to our romantic partners.
im yours

Happy Valentines Day 2017 Whatsapp Status Messages for Friends:

They say sugar is sweet and honey is too but baby what do I call you? your sexier than sexy and hotter than hot that there’s only one name 4 you and that’s too good to be true. Happy Valentines Day!
Cupid shoots well for me!
He hit you and me with perfect aim.
Happy Valentines Day Dear.
Life is 4 living, I Live 4 U.
Songs r 4 singing, I Sing 4 U.
Love is 4 caring, I Care 4 U.
Angels r 4 keeping, Can I keep U…?…
Valentines day is a day to celebrate love and
express it in the most meaningful way possible.
I may have not been the best friend ever,
but the love I have for you is here to stay.
Happy Valentines day.

I consider myself to be the luckiest woman on this Earth and it’s only because I have found the most precious jewel of this world. It’s you, my love. You are the only thing that looks good on me.
I couldn’t think of anything better to write in your card than the truth. I love you!
I love reading love stories
but honestly ours is my favorite.
Thanks for writing every chapter of our life so romantic.
Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetheart.
Love puts the fun in together, the sad in apart, and the joy in a heart. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.
When love is not madness, it is not love. ~Pedro Calderon de la Barca
I think about you all the time, it’s like smoking, it’s addicting. I love you.

Happy Valentines Day GIF Images

feel lucky

love propose

looking you


Hope the images and gif photos given by us will help you to share your feeling with your love one on the special occasion of Valentine’s day. Share these images on Whatsapp and facebook to the special person as well as to your friends. Also, share with us your experience of valentines day. Valentines Day 2017 If it is your first valentine’s day then share it as #1st_ValentinesDay. Also, share your review ratings and comment below. Stay connected with us for more and latest stuff. And we will give your the best images in our this post and also will give you in another one too. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all…

Feb 12, 2017

Happy Kiss Day 2017 Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend

Happy kiss day 2017 shayari in Hindi for girlfriend. Are you looking for Happy Kiss Day Shayari In Hindi For your Girlfriend then you are right place. We will help you to get best kiss day shayari 2017. Make your Valentine Kiss Day Special with your loved once.

We have collected the most Romantic Happy Kiss Day Shayari in Hindi for Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram! So, let’s celebrate Happy Kiss Day using amazing Shayari Collection of Kiss Day, and it is the Happy Kiss Day Shayari for Girlfriend.

Happy Kiss Day Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend

Happy Kiss Day Shayari In Hindi For Girlfriend

Love is a feeling which always needs to be expressed. If you love someone then you should express your feeling to her before someone else do the same with your love. Sometimes it happens with mans they can’t express their untold feeling to girls in person due to various reasons it may be due to their shy nature or sometimes due to fear of rejection.

In such critical condition, Shayari is the best way to express you feeling is open your heart for year girlfriend. Happy Valentines Day is a festival of the lover to express their love. If you are willing to express your love and care to your girlfriend.

You can use Happy Kiss Day Shayari in Hindi for Girlfriend as your Facebook Status/WhatsApp Status and any social site Status on this Kiss Day.
happy kiss day love images

Ishq ke sahare jiya nahi karte,
Gum ke piyalon ko piya nahi karte,
Kuch isse dost hain hamare,
Jinko pareshan na karo,
Toh wo hamain yaad kia nahi karte......

Kiss Kiss Ki Mehphil Main Kiss Kiss Ne
Kiss Kiss Ko Kiss Kiya
Ek Woh Hai Jisne Har Miss Ko Kiss Kiya
Ek Aap Haai Jisne Har Kiss Ko Miss Kiya..

Aankho ke ishare samajh nahi pate, Hotho se dil ki baat keh nahi paate,
Apni bebasi hum kis tarah kahe, Koi he jiske bina hum reh nahi paate

“Bus Ab Tujhe Hi Chahne Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Teri Yaado Me Kho Jaane Ko Jee Chahta Hai,
Laga Di H Tumne Aisi Ishq Ki Aag,
Kay Choom Choom K Kha Jane Ko Ji Chahta Hai.”

Pyaar Sirf Ek Lafz Nhin Vo Ehsaas Hai Jo Marr Kr Bhi Nahn Jataa Pyaar Ruh Ki Gehraai Tak Chalaa Jataa Hai Pyaar Hi Hai Jo Jishm Ke Khtam Honey Par Bhi Zindaa Rehtaa Hai.

“Itne Din Mai Saas To Le Raha Tha,
Itne Din Mera Dil Dhadak Ta Tha,
Tum Mere Jindagi Me Aane Ke Baad,
Tumne Jine Ka Matlab Sikhaya Tha.”

Kiss Day Shayari For Gf

kiss day romantic wallpaper
Happy Kiss Day Romantic Wallpaper

Chaaho to dil se hamme mitta dena, Chaaho to hamko bhula dena,
Pr aik vada karo a dost, Ki jab yad aaye hamaari to, rona matt bas muskura dena

“Zamane Me Koi Na Sahara Nazar Aaya,
Bus Tu Hi Ek Humara Nazar Aaya,
Tere Pyar Me Is Kadar Behta gaya,
Na Tufan Nazar Aaya N Kinara Nazar Aya.”

Ankhen to pyar me dilki zuban hoti hai, sachi chahat to sada bezuban hoti hai, pyar mai dard bhi mile to kya gabrana, suna hai dard se chahat aur jawan hoti hai

“Har Pal Sunhare phool Khilte rahe,
Kabhi Na Ho Kaanto Ka Saamna,
Zindagi Aapki Khushiyo Se Bhari Rahe,
Deepavali Par Humari Yahi Shubkamna.”

Kiss Day, Is Not Simply Kiss Day It Is Realy ( Kiss De )
To Phirr Do Kiss Ummmmmmmmmah gooooood.. Happy Kiss Day!!!

“Teri judai bhi hamein pyaar karti hai,
Teri yaad bahut bekrar karti hai,
Woh din jo tere sath guzare the,
Talash unko nazar bar bar karti hai.
Happy Kiss Day!”

Sirf sitaron me hoti mohabbat agar, In alfajon ko khubsurati kaun deta. Bus patthar banke reh jata Taj Mahal, Agar ishq ise apni pehchan na deta

“Saath rehte rehte yuhin waqt guzar jayega,
Door hone ke baad kaun kise yaad aayega,
Jee lo ye pal jab hum sath hai kiss krne k liye,
Kal ka kya pata, waqt kahan le jayega.
Happy Kiss Day!”

Kiss Day Special Hindi Shayari

kiss day HD images
Kiss Day HD Images From Ram Leela Movie
What kisses mean??? Love types of kisses

KISS ON HAND= I adore you,
KISS ON CHEEK= Lets be Friends,
KISS ON NECK= I want you
KISS ON LIPS= I LOVE YOUKISS ANYWHERE ELSE let’s not get carried away!

HaPpY KiSs DaY. This is a story about control my control. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do

Jasbaate ishq naakaam naa hone denge, Dil ki duniya mein kabhi shaam naa hone denge, Dosti ka har ilzaam apne sar par le lenge, Par dost hum tumhe badnaam na hone denge.

Abhi Taak Akss Hai Glass Ki Nok Per Us K Hoonton Ka,
Zalim Ne Meri Piyas Par Bhi Pehrey Laga Diye.....

Wo Pehla Kiss Jo Humne Ek duje Ko Kia Wo Kiss Humare Pyar Ki Shuruwat thi Humara Pyar Hamesha kayam Rahega Bus Tum Usi shiddat se Mujhe Kiss Karti Rehna

Hoti nahi mohabbat surat se, Mohabbat to dil se hoti hai,
Surat unki khud hi pyari lagti hai, Kadr jinki dil me hoti hai.....

Dua hai aapki achi nokri ho, 1 achi chokri ho, Aapko miss kare, Mujhe kiss kare, Apko puppi de ,Mujhe jhappi de, Apke sath roye mere sath soye.

Dil ab bas tujhe hi chahta hai Teri yadon mein yeh kho jata hai Lag gayi hai isme ishq ki aag aisi Ke tujhe choomne ne ko jee chahta hai

Us K Chor Jaanay K Baad Ab Mohabbat Nahi Kartay Kisi Say.Ae dost Thori c To Umar Hy Kiss Kiss Ko Aazmatay Phirain. Happy Kiss Day 2017!!!

Honton Se Tere Honton Ko Geela Kr Don
Tere Honto Ko Me Or Bhi Raseela Kr Don
Tu Is Qadar Pyar Kary K Pyar Ki Inteha Ho Jaey,
Tere Honto Ko Choos Kr Tujhe Or Bhi Joshila Kr Don

Kabhi aana hamare sath ek sapno ki duniyaapko batayenge rehna chahoge aap bhi jaha aisi woh duni
Pyaar Sirf Ek Lafz Nhin Vo Ehsaas Hai Jo Marr Kr Bhi Nahn Jataa Pyaar Ruh Ki Gehraai Tak Chalaa Jat

Happy Kiss Day Love Shayari 2017

happy kiss day images
Kiss Day Cartoon Images
1st kiss is magic
the 2nd is intimate
the 3rd is routine.
After that you take the girls clothes off. :-)

Us K Honton Ko Choma To Ehsas Huwa,Ik Pani Hi Zarori Nahi Piyas Bhujane K Liye..!
Us K Chor Jaanay K Baad Ab Mohabbat Nahi Kartay Kisi Say.Ae dost Thori c To Umar Hy Kiss Kiss Ko Aazmatay Phirain Happy Kiss Day

Kiss Day Riddle Giv Me Jst ! Do u Understand This Riddle??? Then Reply!

Wo Pehla Kiss Jo Humne Ek duje Ko Kia Wo Kiss Humare Pyar Ki Shuruwat thi Humara Pyar Hamesha kayam Rahega Bus Tum Usi shiddat se Mujhe Kiss Karti Rehna

Kbhi lafz bhul jau, kbhi koi bat bhul jau Chahu aapko itna ki apne jazbat bhul jau Kbi uth kr chal du apke pas se to, kbi apne aap ko apke pas bhul jaun

Chaaho to dil se hamme mitta dena, Chaaho to hamko bhula dena, Pr aik vada karo a dost, Ki jab yad aaye hamaari to, rona matt bas muskura dena

Happy Kiss Day Sms In Hindi Shayar 2017

kiss day images India

Tuje Chumne Ka Maza Hi Aur Hai Tuje Me Chuma Tere In Kubsurat Gulabi Honton Pe Tuje Chumo Me Tera Hasen Mehktwe Jism Ko Bus Tume Hi Chumta Jao Is Tarah Mere Jawani Ki Saal Beet Jaye

 “In a Kiss-
0.7gm Protein
0.45gm Fat
0.19gm Chemical
0.50 Variety of Bacteria will die
This is true.
So catch ur LOVER
Start Kissing & Be Healthy.
Happy Kiss Day!”

Badi umid thi unko apna banane ki,
Tamanna thi unke ho jane ki,
Kya pata jiske hum hona chahte the,
Unhe Aadat hi nahi thi kisiko apna banane ki.
Happy Kiss Day! 2017”
“Mohabbat ke rang mein doobi sham ho,
Ek nai shurwat ka paigam ho,
Mile tere hoth mere hothon se aise
Jese mere hoth tere or tere hoth mere naam ho.
Happy Kiss Day! 2017”

kiss day HD Wallpaper
Kiss Day HD Wallpaper

If you have anu question about kiss day shayari in hindi for girlfriend, happy valentines day 2017 kiss shayari images, kiss day shayari in English, kiss day shayari in Punjabi, kiss day shayari for friend, kiss day shayari in urdu, kissing shayari on lips and kiss day best shayari then comment below or message us through facebook. We will reply soon. 

Happy Hug Day Images For Husband And Best Love Friend

Happy Hug Day Images For Husband And Best Love Friend. Hey guys are you looking for Hug Day Images For Husband, hug day images for valentine, Hug Day Images For Friend or Hug Day Images For love then you are the right place.

Here is our best collection of happy hug day wishes for Husband. On this Hug day wish your boyfriend with the best quotes and images. It is one of the most romantic days of Valentine’s week list, so enjoy this Hug day 2017 by giving them Happy Hug Day images. Check beautiful collection of happy Hug day messages for husband that you can send to your loved ones.

Happy Hug Day Images For Husband 2017

Hug Day Images For Husband

What’s hug day and why should you send Hug Day 2017 Wishes, Images, SMS to your lover? Sending this to your boy/girl friend will make them feel happy as the valentine’s day is approaching near. Hug day 2017 can be celebrated between lovers as well as friends but if you are going to celebrate.

Happy Hug day 2017 is coming nearby near with every single day pasts, and in our blog we are presenting the beautiful collection of Happy Hug Day Images and photos for the lovely day of valentines day list and that is the Hug day.

Happy Hug Day Date 2017:
The Hug day is the 6th day of valentines day and celebrate on 12th of February. Hug day is very romantic day as this is not only for lovers but friends can also hug to each other and thank them for being in your life. Hug day 2017 comes before the happy kiss day. This special day on February month is to be celebrated between lovers and friends to show the other that how much loves you one another.

Happy Hug Day Images For Best Friend

Hug Day Images For Best Friend

hug paper art images

Don’t forget that hug day can also be celebrated between husband and wife as it’s the great time to show your love towards your partner. Here are beautiful Happy Hug Day Images, wallpapers and messages that you share and send happy Hug day wishes for boyfriend and husbands.

Happy Hug Day Wishes For Husband

 A Hug Can Say I Will Miss You.
It Can Say Ur Special,
Or Best Of All,`I Love You.
It Can Soothe A Hurt,
Or Calm A Fear,
Or Cheer Us
When Were Blue.
So Here A Hug For You.
My sweetest memory-your message.
My biggest sadness-The distance
My biggest hope-i will HUG you soon
My strongest prayer relation continues forever.

A hug is a great gift... One size fits all... It can be given for any occasion And it's easy to exchange.

Evrybody needs a hug.
It changes your metabolism
you are so especial to me.
there is nothing better than
Having you as a friend to share each day with !
Thank you for making my day brighter
HUGS Happy Hug Day!

If I were to describe TRUE LOVE then
I would describe it as
What a SNOWMAN did to a SNOWWOMAN:-
HE gave HER a warm HUG n they both
Melted in each other’s arms...
Happy Hug Day 2017

Just Hug Me Tight And Promise Me To Never Let Go
If a kiss was a rain drop, id send u showers.
If a hug was a second, id send u hours.
If a smile was water, id send u the sea. If love was a person, id send u me!

Happy Hug Day Images For Love Friend

Hug Day Images For Love
Hug Day Images For Love

Hug Day Images For Love friend

No matter where you are
I’ll always find my way to?
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses.
I love only you!
Have a Nice Hug Day.

A Hug Can Say I Will Miss You.
It Can Say Ur Special,
Or Best Of All,`I Love You.
It Can Soothe A Hurt,
Or Calm A Fear,
Or Cheer Us
When Were Blue.
So Here A Hug For You.
My sweetest memory-your message.
My biggest sadness-The distance
My biggest hope-i will HUG you soon
My strongest prayer relation continues forever.

Happy Hug Day Images 2017

Happy Hug Day
Happy Hug Day
Happy Hug Day Images
Happy Hug Day Images
happy Hug day messages
Happy Hug day Quotes
Happy Hug Day Images HD

I woke through the night and you were not there,
reaching over your pillow I inhale the sweet smell of your hair.
Frantically tracing your side of the bed for you,
for a split second I wonder if there was no you, what I'd do?
Sitting up in our bed, worrying where abouts you are?
contemplating getting dressed and seeking near and far.
I call out your name, but our four walls do not reply,
if I don't find you soon, I feel like I could cry.

Hug Love again

The silence between two people

is the most crucial moment to handle,
when meeting again after the long separation...😒

There is space only for the minds to speak... 😔
Many people don't know how to handle it...🙄🤔

Tips for the girls...
Giving him a tight slap is the first soloution...😮
The 'outburst cry' is the second solution...😭
The final solution is,
hug him tightly & move into his arms...💏

For the Boys,
☹️ 🤐...Whatever happens, 
just SURRENDER yourself followed by a violent kiss...😉...😘😘😘
a single icecream without spoons(!)...😍🍨

---My Experience...😶😐😏🙂😃😂😂😂

If anything goes wrong🤕
I'm not responsible... 🙂🤓

!... FYI... It's not a Poem...

We have the best collection of Happy Hug day Images and wishes message for husband and boyfriend. We hope this collection will help you in increasing closeness between you both. Do share the post with your friends and on social media on Happy Valentines Day. If you have any question about Happy Hug Day Images for Husband and Best Love Friend then comment below or message us through facebook.